Sentinel Concealed Body Armor Vest By Sword and Shield Strategic

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The Sentinel concealed carrier was designed with law enforcement officers in mind. The Sentinel is a low visibility concealable carrier that offers wrap around protection on the sides. This lightweight carrier is the ultimate in concealed comfort and protection using a state-of-the-art ergonomic design that offers its wearer optimum comfort for all day wear.


  • Outside material: Micro-polyester for comfort and durability.
  • Inside material: Moisture wicking mesh which allows the vest to breathe during extended wear.
  • Gender specific front and back shirt tails to help hold the vest in position.
  • Adjustable 12 point removable closure system for adjustability and easy fastening.
  • Front loading self-healing zipper loading system.
  • Internal ballistic suspension system for improved weight distribution and soft armor panel positioning.
  • 5x8” Soft trauma reduction device for added protection.


The NIJ 0101.06 certified GS206 is a level II package aimed at providing outstanding protection in a thin platform. The GS206 offers great flexibility which increases your mobility on and off field. While being thin and lightweight, you can count on the level II protection that you need from the GS206.

Quick look at GS206 specifications:
Areal Density: .88 pounds per square foot.
Thinness: .18" 
V-50 Protective Ratings:
9MM: 1761 FPS
357Mag: 1707 FPS
Special Threat Tested: Yes

The GS3A series of soft armor are packages that are NIJ 0101.06 certified. The NIJ 0101.06 certified GS3A06 is a high performance compilation of ballistics aimed at protecting the forces at the maximum potential without sacrificing mobility. This package has been special threat tested and exceeds the DEA special threat requirements for 2018.

Quick look at GS3A06 specifications:
Areal Density: 1.05 pounds per square foot.
Thinness: .23" 
V-50 Protective Ratings:
357 Sig: 1917 FPS
.44 Mag: 1733 FPS
Special Threat Tested: Yes

  • NIJ 06 Level II and IIIA soft ballistic inserts.
  • NIJ 05 Level II ultra-conceal soft ballistic inserts.
  • NIJ 0115 Spike Level soft armor inserts.
  • Sizes: Individual sizing
  • Available in: Black, Blue or White.