Aspetto Mach V Quad Release Tactical Carrier

Regular price $1,670.00

The Aspetto Mach V Tactical carrier is the cutting edge of Full coverage tactical carrier technology.  Utilizing The finest materials this carrier is well suited for high risk warrant service, deployment, and all other mission specific requirements.  The focus of this design was increased speed and lasting comfort.  This carrier uses the quad release buckle system which allows the user to completely doff the carrier in 1 second.  The unique design of this system allows the carrier to be put back together into wearable serviceable condition by simply reconnecting four buckles.   No messy cable systems or break away weaving to fuss with.  This is the fastest quick release carrier armor system on the market. Price is for base vest only with 3a armor package.  Several accessories are available as well.

  • Available in male and female carrier platforms
  • Quad release system with single trigger mechanism
  • Full line of modular attachments available
  • Accommodates SAPI/ESAPI plate sizes
  • Bottom loading exterior hard armor pockets for easy access
  • Allows for use of Concealable cut soft armor panels front and back
  • Uses standard soft armor cummerbund panels
  • Allows for hard armor side plates
  • Shoulder pads have integrated microphone loops
  • Cummerbund has integrated radio pouches
  • Fully adjustable cummerbund and shoulder system fits all frames
  • 100% USA made Berry Compliant Lifetime Warranty
  • Meets all military standards for manufacturing
  • Available in extra small thru extra large sizes
  • Available in all popular colors