HESCO M210 Multi-Curve Rifle Armor Plates

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We get monthly shipments direct from HESCO. The longest you will have to wait for a hesco order from us is 4 weeks. Most HESCO are in stock and ship quick. 

The HESCO M210 Stand Alone Plate provides incredible special threat performance in a thin, multi-curve, and lightweight package. These are very low vis and perfect for EP, UC work. Built to protect from common 5.56 threats (M855, M193), M855A1 and 7.62 x 39 protection (API-BZ included). Multi shot rated on selected threats. Wrapped in a water repellent polyurethane coated, CORDURA® fabric finish. This is for those who have wanted a Multi-Curve L210 in true SAPI sizing options.


Low visibility light AP protection 

• 5 lbs  (0.5” thick)
• Special Rifle Threat Protection
• Stand Alone
• Light AP protection 


• Cost effective with no compromise
• Advanced Composite materials
• Multi curve 
• Highly durable, waterproof, Polyurethane coated, Cordura® nylon wrap
• American Made

AVAILABILITY: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery if not in stock as plates are shipped to us monthly.

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*Cost is per plate