NIJ Certified 3A Panels Five-Zero Package All Sizes Sword & Shield Strategic

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These All Aramid Ballistic panels are engineered for high heat exposure and extreme performance in any environment.  These are ultrasonically sealed panels as per .06 requirements. This makes the panels very resilient in a combat environment.

Give yourself that extra added protection with our soft armor plate backers. Sizing ranges from standard 8x10 plates to SAPI small through extra large. 

The NIJ 0101.06 certified FIVE-ZERO-IIIA is a high performance yet low cost package. This package is a bit thicker but offers the superior protection and great trauma reduction at a lesser cost.

Quick look at FIVE-ZERO-IIIA specifications:
Areal Density: 1.57 pounds per square foot.
Thinness: .35" 
V-50 Protective Ratings:
357 Sig: 1867 FPS
.44 Mag: 1688 FPS
Special Threat Tested: No


This Product proudly displays the Department Of Justice Trademark

Product listing is for a set of two (2) soft armor inserts as applicable