Body Armor Vests, Carriers and Chest Rigs

100% American Made - Berry Compliant - Lifetime Warranty Included

Sword and Shield Strategic offers several mission specific carrier solutions. Our Sentinel Series concealed vest is designed for lightweight, everyday use and built to stop handgun threats. With low visibility, this concealed carrier allows the wearer to go armored underneath their regular clothing. To upgrade into rifle threat protection, we have a wide variety of carriers available.  All of these carriers can use soft and hard armors by themselves, or together. 

The lightest rifle plate carrier is our EP/UC (executive protection, undercover) line,  offering a low visibility, minimalist carrier, designed for low profile wear. These are considered "slick" carriers and do not utilize MOLLE/PALS webbing.  This enables the wearer can run rifle plate armor underneath jackets or select clothing without drawing attention. 

 Our minimalist carriers are a good choice for lightweight load-outs or rapid response kits.  These will offer MOLLE / PALS webbing to use traditional MOLLE pouches, but will use side straps in lieu of a cummerbund system.  These are great for active shooter response kits or for patrol officers to quickly upgrade to rifle armor over their uniform. 

 We have numerous traditional plate carrier options.  These will offer 360 degree armor coverage while still maintaining a minimal profile usually referred to as "high and tight".  Plate carriers will offer full coverage MOLLE /PALS webbing, Drag handles and cummerbunds.  Plate carriers are built to offer high mobility and still hold enough equipment for combat scenarios.  These are the most popular style of carrier system.

Tactical carriers are most often used for high risk warrant service, SWAT and tactical teams or for deployment use.  These carriers are full coverage and will require soft armor to always be used with the hard armor to maintain the shape and skeletal structure of the vest.  Tactical carriers will have the ability to accept all armor accessories like biceps, collar/ throat, groin and lower back.  These are not conducive to high mobility but do offer the highest amount of coverage and protection. 

Dual Purpose / Patrol carriers are an excellent choice of carrier system for many reasons.  These carriers utilize the same soft armor inserts that are used in our Sentinel concealed vests, but are built to upgrade those inserts into an outer carrier with rifle armor pockets.  This allows the operator to wear their concealed Sentinel vest or to swap their soft armor inserts over into an outer tactical carrier.  These are a favorite amongst departments because the officers can run both types of carrier without the expense of armor systems.