Q: Do you bid departments, municipalities, or government?

A: Yes. We work with Law Enforcement agencies every day. The bulk of our business is servicing departments. We are very competitive and want your business. contact us at  


Q: Do you offer group discounts?

A: Yes, we work with your group of 4 or more to get you a volume discount!


Q: Do you offer OEM / contract sewing services if I want to produce a product?

A: Absolutely! see our OEM section to learn more about our contract sewing offerings.


Q: Do you have a “Buyers club” where frequently returning customers get a discount?

A: Yes, your complete armor purchase will qualify you for our buyers club. Discount codes are given after each purchase to use on your next purchase.


Q: How do I properly maintain and clean my nylon and armor equipment?

A: Please see our cleaning and maintenance section.


Q. How do I properly size myself for your gear?

A. Please see our "Sizing Charts" page for all sizing instructions


Q. Can i become a Dealer or Distributor?

A. We do have some dealer and distributor availability. Please contact us at to inquire further