Special Operations Combat Sling (SOC Sling) Tactical Rifle Sling by Sword and Shield Strategic

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The Special Operations Combat Sling (SOC) Sling was designed by United States Marine Corps and OEF, OIF and special operations veterans.  The SOC Sling is a modular two-point sling, which can be converted to a one-point sling in seconds while the operator is wearing the sling and rifle. Capable of being installed on nearly every modern combat weapon, from AR style weapons, to the AK-47 and the Tavor. The SOC Sling allows for rapid extension and reduction of the sling’s slack to allow the operator to adjust the sling’s overall length in order to accommodate various mission sets. The operator can adjust the SOC Sling’s slack by simply pulling a tab. This feature enables the operator to adjust the sling’s slack to the operator’s preference without removing the sling from the rifle, and allows for rapid transition between missions requiring everything from plate carriers with SAPI plates, to “slick” operations. The sling also comes with a quick release mount, allowing the operator to remove the sling with the push of a button. The SOC sling may also be configured to attach to the sling swivels of a standard issue M-4/M-16, without the use of an aftermarket stock or rail sling adapter. The SOC Sling features 2-inch webbing where the sling rests on the operator’s shoulder, and reduces to 1-inch webbing where the sling interfaces with the weapon. This allows for wide weight dispersion when carrying heavier small arms such as the M249 SAW or M16 with M203. The SOC Sling comes with the HK style snap hook and QD mount.

The SOC Sling is available in Black, FDE, ODG, Ranger Green, Coyote tan, Multicam patterns, PenCott patterns, Kryptek patters, AOR patterns, ATACS patterns and other popular camouflage patterns.

All SOC Slings come with a lifetime guarantee.  Simply ship the product back and it will be replaced free of charge.  Of course these, like everything we make, are made in the USA from all 100% American Materials and parts (Berry Compliant).