Blood Type Test Kit

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Each kit performs 1 test and includes 1 spring-loaded, sterile auto-lancet, 1 blood typing test card, 1 sterile cleaning swab, EldonSticks sample collection and transfer devices, 1 transfer pipet, a laminating sheet, color result chart, and instructions.

Determine both ABO and Rh type

FDA Approved

Results are completed in 2 minutes in the field

Finding your blood type is made simple with our kit!

There are four main blood types: A, B, AB and O, and each of those can be positive or negative for the Rh factor. So in total, there are eight possible blood types: A+ or A-, B+ or B-, AB+ or AB-, and O+ or O-.

Blood typing is based on the way red blood cells clump together or agglutinate. Agglutination is caused by the presence of Anti-A and Anti-B antibodies reacting with the A and B antigens in the red blood cells. Each individual blood type kit tests for red blood cell type and Rh factor.

This test is easy to use.  Please read all documentation prior to using the lancet or wetting the card.