Contra-Band Low Profile Ankle Cargo Cuff by Sword and Shield Strategic

Regular price $30.00

The Sword and Shield Strategic "Contra-Band" low profile ankle cargo cuff is the slimmest, most discreet ankle kit on the market.  Made with highly breathable 3/16" spacer mesh, this cargo cuff prevents the wearer from sweating under the pouch. The 3 elastic pouches are suitable for any number of tasks! Large enough for your passport, cell phone, iPod, cash, keys, tourniquet, or any other EDC needs. This is a fantastic solution for anyone looking to discreetly carry personal items on their person. Travelers, first responders, joggers, Warriors and students all love the Contra-Band! 
Made in the USA, like all of our products, from only the finest materials. We proudly offer a lifetime warranty on our product materials and craftsmanship. 
Choose from Black, Coyote Tan or OD Green in the variants menu.  Different color thread or Elastic or loop available upon request to customize your order.