Platoon Medical Kit Complete by Sword and Shield Strategic

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The Platoon first aid kit comes in a pouch with MOLLE System straps. It comes shrink wrapped with contents listed below.


Item Quantity  Item Quantity 
Bandage gauze 4"x4.1YDS 2 Antiseptic wipes 4
Alcohol wipes 4 Iodine wipes 4
2"x2" gauze pads  5 2" elastic bandage  1
4" pressure bandage Pill bottle 1
1"x3" bandage strips 16 Pairs gloves 
Rolls of tape 2 Pain reliever/Aspirin 10
Instant ice pack 1 Absorbent pad 5"x9" 5
First aid cream  2 Scissors 1
Tweezers 1 Lip treatment 1
First aid instructions 1